Social Media for Business – Myths about Social Media for Businesses

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In the world of business, marketing strategies and techniques are riddled with myths, just to discourage people from using them. When social media became a popular marketing avenue or option for business owners, it had its own myths that discouraged traditional and old-school business owners from using them. Before the advent of Twitter and Facebook, it was considered a leap of faith for business owners to abandon traditional forms of marketing and use Internet marketing as a viable marketing option. So, what are these myths?

1.) Everybody’s on social media – Internet marketers will perpetuate these myths to business owners who think social media sites like Facebook can rake in millions of visitors. Internet marketers will do anything to hook business owners in, which is why this is the most prevalent myth. Facebook and Twitter may have millions of visitors, but it won’t guarantee that you’ll earn the same amount of visitors for your account or page. This is due to the fact that not everyone on social media is looking for you. If you’re using social medial, you need to set a realistic expectation on the kind of traffic you want to generate, like hundreds or a thousand a month.
2.) Social media requires special companies – Yes and no. Social media management is something that can be done in-house or you can hire companies to do it for you. The latter is often perpetuated as a myth to generate customers. Social media management is not that difficult. The concepts are easy to learn and the theories are easy to understand. There is no need for a specialized degree or graduate program to be considered as a social media guru.
3.) Social media generates traffic overnight – Again, yes and no. While social media will boost traffic to your company website or office, it won’t be in the hundreds or thousands overnight. Traffic generation with social media is gradual. You’ll increase your traffic the more you work on your social media efforts, which will bring us to the next myth.
4.) Social media requires 8 hours of work and attention – This is not true. You’d only have to spend at least a couple of hours to update your Facebook or any other social media account. This is to ensure customers that the page or account is being managed and they can expect fresh updates from you. This also gives them an idea that your business’s social media account is an avenue for customer interaction, which is a huge bonus.

Social media may have its myths, but it shouldn’t stop business owners from taking advantage of using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Social Media for Business – Full Benefits of Social Media for Business

Social media sites are everywhere. Hollywood celebrities and corporate executives have one or two accounts in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Internet marketers and consultants claim that social media is a good avenue for businesses to reach out to their customers, but is there any statistical data that would back this claim up? Numerous surveys from a couple of years ago have returned interesting data like the demographics of people using the Internet, the age group who dominates certain social media sites, and so on.

A couple of weeks ago, some new data have been presented by surveys done by Social Media Examiner. According to the survey, 89% of small and medium-scale businesses (SMB) have reported an increase of exposure and 75% have claimed that increase in traffic is one of the two biggest benefits of social media. Other benefits included marketplace insight (69%), more loyal fans (65%), lead generation (61%), and improved search engine visibility and rankings (58%).

Amongst these respondents, 79% have integrated social media into their business’ marketing activities.
What other statistical data can persuade business owners to include social media in their marketing arsenal?
– 78% of small businesses get 25% or ¼ of their new customers from social media sites. This means that 1 out of 4 customers have heard about your business from your social media account. Social media provides business owners with both free and paid exposure to a wide-range of receptive customers.
– 27% of Americans check their social media accounts multiple times a day.
Facebook fans tend to spend more online at a rate of 43% more than non-Facebook users. Social media sites have helped businesses increase their business visibility or bring traffic to their website.
– 45% of adults check recognized brand pages. Examples of these pages are Nike, Reebok, Ford, and Samsung. This simply means that social media sites are becoming essential for building any business brand, thereby solidifying its purpose as a premiere social brand builder.
– People are more likely to remember a Facebook post than a sentence from a book, and more likely to remember a post than a random face.

What do all these mean? It simply means that your customers are waiting for you to create a Facebook or any social media page. It’s not enough for you to create a website because they’d rather view your business if it came from something they were familiar with, like Facebook or Twitter. Take the time to check out Twitter and Facebook and see what they have in store for you.

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Social Networks With Bright Future In 2013

There is no stopping social networks from influencing real society this 2013. It will become stronger and better with new social networks that will carve their influence and earn their spurs in the New Year. As people spend more time in social networks, more ideas will come up to bring about a dynamic shift in how we use the Internet. Let us take a peek at the social networks that are expected to make a huge impact in 2013.
As more marketers use location-based data, Foursquare is expected to be at the forefront of this revolution. While most people using Foursquare are avid fans of Facebook and Twitter; it offers a different experience. Foursquare combines user driven content and location service. This formula spells success for anybody that is engaged in social networks and wants to harness its power.
Friendster is not dead! Friendster is not dead! At least that is what the people behind it want to happen. As the emerging social gaming network, people will still have much use of this once kind of social media well into 2013. Having games is the very element that knocked them out in the top perch by a certain Facebook. However this coming New Year, Friendster will have a bolder stature and a brighter future as it pushes the envelope even further. Further into the future of social gaming which they hope becomes their second wind.
My Space
Another casualty of the Facebook revolution is My Space. After getting traction, My Space lost luster and played second fiddle to mighty Facebook until….until it gets its revenge. My Space’s repacking has positioned itself as a top social entertainment site. Musicians and the music industry can use the platform to launch their plethora of musical treasure without fear of the Napster effect of old. Now people can have free music legally. The affordability of entertainment packages will make My Space the new iTunes in 2013.
Spotify is a great social entertainment network but its drawback is that it is very limited. More people are seeing a lot of potential for Spotify as the next best thing only if it can be more widely available all over the world. Spotify’s strength is in the mobile arena which My Space is struggling to compete. If Spotify becomes more available, there is no stopping it from even threatening mighty Facebook.
If you are okay to have a username assigned to you, there is no stopping you from lovigBebo. What makes Bebo a threat to Facebook (insert laughter here), is that it is very customizable. The personalization choices abound in Bebo. However using CSS and HTML is out of the question so don’t even bother learning it to improve your profile on Bebo. Its rich media and entertainment platform makes it a very potent site that will eat into your Facebook experience. Will it become the Facebook killer? Not if Facebook can help it. But Facebook should not rest on its laurels with a potential giant killer lurking.
Other potential big bang social sites for the year have made solid marks in the last one or two years. Among these would be Pinterest and MySpace, but then that would remain to be seen. We have the abovementioned social networking sites that might just stumble upon the bigger and older ones! Indeed, the internet marketers must always be on the watch for what’s to come. They must make sure they maximize potentials of these sites if they want to gain edge over competition. After all, social media is one big leap ahead – if you’re doing it right!

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